Kanchanagrrrrri Part Two

Ahead of my mom’s trip to Thailand, she had one experience at the top of her list that she wanted above all others: ride an elephant.

It just so happened that we were able to tailor a day trip that not only included a trip to the tiger temple, but a ride on an elephant at the Saiyok Elephant Park in Kanchanaburi.

The ride was bumpy, the elephants hungry, the babies adorable and the smashing of Tory’s butt under a giant elephant foot highly entertaining.

Music by Bruce Springsteen.



When my mom and I began discussing her trip to Thailand with my sister Tory, she laid out a list of sights she wanted to see. On the list? Elephant ride, eating lots of Thai food, a trip to the beach. Not on the list? Tigers.

Thankfully I’m blessed with these two girls who are up for any adventure in the book. I had heard wonderful things about the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, a place for rescued and orphaned tigers. The sanctuary run by monks boasts tons of camera-toting visitors and a kill-free record. Now doesn’t that slow the heartbeat a little before you go pet tigers?

Music by The Hussy’s.