About Urban Pilgrim

After spending 15 months in Bangkok, Thailand as a journalist for The Associated Press, and traveling to the region’s best cities and beaches, I met a handsome Swede and moved to Stockholm. Now I have a new job, a new language to learn and a new culture to adapt to that is surprisingly different from that of America. At Urban Pilgrim, I share the quirks of Swedish life through American eyes and hopefully don’t offend the calm and neutral (it is Sweden) natives.


14 thoughts on “About Urban Pilgrim

  1. Dearest Urban Pilgrim,

    So glad to hear you’ve arrived safely and are having, for lack of a better word, an incredibly interesting time. When in doubt, pair the peanut butter with the Philly cream cheese. That should hold you for at least a day or so. Hey, anything beats soy sauce on pancakes.

    Keep up the good work and know that there’s a lot of love for you on the other side of the world.

    Dentist Bear

    p.s. Why is it that I don’t know a single artist that you’re currently listening to? Are they fictional musicians or just Thai?

  2. Hi UrbanPilgirm – Thanks for dropping by to Just Cook It – really glad you like it. And also thanks for introducing me to your blog, it really is fantastic. As an aside, when you posted your comment on my blog, you put the wrong URL for your own blog. I can’t change this now but you should be able to edit your comment if you wish. I look forward to hearing more about your Thai adventures.



  3. Dear UrbanPilgrim,

    glad you liked my photo. I have really enjoyed to read your blog, nice and well written observations on Thai life & society. Makes me miss the life in there…

    Anyhow, would be nice to be in touch. Have a look on our (other) travel blog on maikusasi.com – we might be coming to Thailand in the coming months, or at least we hope so. There’s also a link to email.


  4. Dear Urban Pilgrim,

    My name’s Will, I’m an editor in New York City who will be relocating to Bangkok early next year. How are you?

    I know you’ve only been there for a couple of months, but I was wondering if you could tell me a few things. The main thing I want to know is, is it possible to rent a very cheap apartment (under 10,000 baht) that’s located near the Sky Train and is not completely falling apart? I don’t need a view or a pool or anything like that — just working plumbing and electricity and reasonable security, please!

    Also, are you hanging out with mostly expats there? Just trying to get a sense of the expat community.

    Finally, what’s the language barrier like?

    Thanks for your help, please feel free to email me!


  5. Lindsay, We just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. We posted some old photos that we found when Tory came to visit. Some were of your second birthday. If you are interested you can see them here: http://picasaweb.google.com/holmwoods/LindsayAndToryAndMelAndEd#

    I am proud of your accomplishments and good luck in Bangkok and drop us a line if you get a chance. Warmest wishes and best of luck.

    Ed, Beth, Kate, Ted and Zack Holmwood


  6. See you in a few weeks! Sis and Mom are packing for you. My niece and I arrive on Thanksgiving day.
    Shopping at Chatuchak is planned.

    You are impressive and bold – Rock the world!


  7. Hello Urban Pilgrim,

    My husband and I are about to embark next week on yet another trip to Thailand. He really wants to do video, photo, music, voiceover videos. I showed him your videos. He’s dying to know…What software do you use to create your lovely videos?

  8. I love your blog. I’ve always wanted to do what you are doing. Unfortunately, I will never have even a fraction of the money it takes. Vicarious it shall be to the end…

  9. Hej,

    I find your blog to be quite entertaining. I am moving to Stockholm in a few months… and I have just began to realize what a daunting task it is to find an apartment in Stockholm. Since I am looking for a place near Karolinska, Solna, do you know if there’s any neighborhood around that area I should avoid?

    Thank you!


    • Hej Leslie,

      Congrats on the decision to move to Stockholm, and at the perfect time! It is a fantastic city. But apartment hunting can be tricky as it can be anywhere. Solna is not the nicest area in general, but it’s also not dangerous. I live in Vasastan near S:t Eriksplan and it is the best neighborhood in the city (my unbiased opinion, of course). My recommendation, after consulting with my Swedish boyfriend, is to look at Vasastan, Nortull or Kungsholmen. If you have to be a bit outside the city, Bromma or Alvik are good choices. And if you have to stay in Solna, stay as close to Solna Centrum as you can.

      I hope that helps and good luck on the move!



  10. Hi!!!
    I just wanted to say that I love your blog and i have a few questions.

    I am a freshman in college and am thinking about getting an Interatve Media Studies degree on the convergent media track (haha i know thats kind of a mouthful) but im worried about getting a job rightout of school. I would really love to do what you are doing and be able to travel around and write about it because I absolutely love to travel and am kind of a an addict.

    If you could spare some advice on how you got started on your career path and what you did in school and stuff I would be very grateful.

    Thanks for your time =) and good luck with everything!

  11. Hi Urban Pilgrim,

    I’m Andrew Dunkle and I currently serve as the senior editor of GoOverseas.com. We are contacting you with regard to your blog, which the editorial staff at GO! Overseas has selected as one of the top travel related blogs in Sweden. As recognition of your outstanding writing skills we are delighted to include your blog in a select list of websites representing Sweden. We select only the most exceptional blogs that meet our exacting standards and we hope you feel a sense of pride that you have been recognized for your efforts. You may view this list on our website here:


    You are welcome to display one of the image badges we have created specifically for blogs we feature in Sweden. This is an easy way to let your readers know that you have been recognized as an outstanding blogger. You may contact us to receive an image badge via email.

    Thank you for all the high quality content you have contributed to the global online community. We look forward to continuing to follow your experiences abroad in Sweden. If you have questions about GO! Overseas please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Warm regards,
    Andrew Dunkle

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