Playing golf in Sweden? You have to get certified

I am astounded. Utterly baffled. I am a supporter of Sweden’s social welfare state but this is government intervention gone one step too far.

You have to get certified to play golf. To play golf. You have to pay a couple of thousand kronor ($150-500) to take a special course, which requires you to attend classes, learn the theory and practicalities of the game, and then take a written examination and play a round of golf in order to pass. Only after you have successfully passed the course and obtained your green card (grönt kort) will you be allowed to play on courses in Sweden and abroad.

I only discovered this after watching an old travel show hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, whom you will probably hear me talk about again because I absolutely love his BBC show Top Gear. The show was mocking Germany’s many rules and its citizens inability to do anything without direction. His bit on the requirement for golf certification in Germany had me shaking my head and looking to my boyfriend to validate my incredulity.

He didn’t.

He just told me that Sweden has the same rule. And then couldn’t fathom why America did not have it.

Ohhh Sweden…


6 thoughts on “Playing golf in Sweden? You have to get certified

    • That’s incredible! I am just shocked that Swedes think it’s ok to have such strict rules for a game! If someone told me I had to take a course to play tennis I’ll tell them to stuff it.

  1. Don’t blame the government, not all rules are decided by them. The green card thing is more likely something the golf clubs have decided, wanting golf to be exclusive and not wanting beginners running around. And you can play without the green card, there are pay-and-play golf courses. So there is no general rule for golf, just the rules the golf clubs have agreed upon.

    • Thanks for the comment! It is true, there wasn’t any real information stating that is was a rule instituted by the government. Still, I suppose coming from a country like the U.S., where rules like that are not welcomed, it seems like a bit much to require such a rule for a game. I’m not half bad at golf, but I don’t know that I could pass this course!

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