Swedes and farting

The first time I saw the sign, I giggled. The second time I saw the sign, I giggled. Actually, I saw the sign yesterday and giggled. It’s juvenile, I know. But it’s just funny.

No it’s not warning of some painful bowel disorder. It is a sign, thousands of which dot the country, telling drivers they have reached an entrance. Fart in Swedish actually means speed. So you see it everywhere. Infart, utfart (car exit and a much more natural-sounding action). And at each instance, I try to muffle a little laugh snarfle, where I kind of snort and giggle, then immediately put my head down in a lame attempt to hide my immature response. I have seen these signs nearly everyday for six months and it never fails to trigger a chuckle.

But this one was new. And much more glorious and hysterical than all the others:

I am ashamed to say this benign sign makes me think of a few too many vulgar things (breasts, equipment likely to be used in porn films and, obviously, a smelly odor originating from the rear). It actually warns drivers they are approaching a speed bump, but that didn’t stop my laugh snorts. Maybe I still have some maturing to do. Maybe it’s being American. But seeing the word ‘fart’ in an official capacity will always illicit a chuckle. Admit it, it’s funny.


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