Swedes and farting

The first time I saw the sign, I giggled. The second time I saw the sign, I giggled. Actually, I saw the sign yesterday and giggled. It’s juvenile, I know. But it’s just funny.

No it’s not warning of some painful bowel disorder. It is a sign, thousands of which dot the country, telling drivers they have reached an entrance. Fart in Swedish actually means speed. So you see it everywhere. Infart, utfart (car exit and a much more natural-sounding action). And at each instance, I try to muffle a little laugh snarfle, where I kind of snort and giggle, then immediately put my head down in a lame attempt to hide my immature response. I have seen these signs nearly everyday for six months and it never fails to trigger a chuckle.

But this one was new. And much more glorious and hysterical than all the others:

I am ashamed to say this benign sign makes me think of a few too many vulgar things (breasts, equipment likely to be used in porn films and, obviously, a smelly odor originating from the rear). It actually warns drivers they are approaching a speed bump, but that didn’t stop my laugh snorts. Maybe I still have some maturing to do. Maybe it’s being American. But seeing the word ‘fart’ in an official capacity will always illicit a chuckle. Admit it, it’s funny.


Barca, Barca, Barca!

I couldn’t zoom, couldn’t take a clear picture and part of the lens actually fell off, but before disintegrating completely, my trusty point-and-shoot did manage to take some video in Nou Camp before Barcelona played Athletic Bilbao last week. And it was glorious…

Just six rows off the field, we were mere feet away when Messi scored the fourth goal. Nearly 80,000 fans (it wasn’t a full house) screamed, cheered, waved flags and blew plastic horns (that were made by the devil). The elation of the Barca fans was infectious, and aside from not seeing the Swede Ibrahimovic play, it was a perfect night.

And I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of football to a man. Seeing the world’s best team in their home arena produced the biggest and most sustained smile I’ve ever seen. I think he pulled a muscle.