Spring in Stockholm! False alarm.

It was 10 Celsius (50 Fahrenheit), the snow piles were finally melting and the sunlight was glinting off the ice chunks floating in the water. But you would have thought it was the height of the summer with the way the Swedes were walking about this Saturday and lazing by the water. You see, Swedes are used to Nordic winters but they don’t like them. So as soon as the sun comes out they’re like college girls on spring break; cold or not, clothes are coming off.

I guess I can’t blame them though. I too am sick and tired of enduring months of snow, slipping on ice and generally being frozen. And it was the first time the mercury went above 6 Celsius (43 Fahrenheit) so were it not for the glaciers, I might have whipped off my jacket too.

The day was brilliant, everyone was out and it seemed as if finally (FINALLY) spring had come.

Then we woke up on Sunday. To snow falling. Horizontally.

F#%& you Sweden.


2 thoughts on “Spring in Stockholm! False alarm.

  1. F the weather not the country !!!!!!!

    we had our share of f ing snow. . . this year. . . . I spent over $1000 on snowplowing my “delightful” driveway. will spend another $700 or so to repair it. . ULG

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