Pilgrim Tweet: No sun for Stockholm

3.8 hours. 3.8 hours!

That’s how much sunshine Stockholm has seen in the month of November so far, according to local newspapers. And I can tell you the lack of rays has been acutely felt by Stockholm’s inhabitants. Weather is the prevalent topic of conversation on a daily basis and calling dibs on the sun lamp at work is crucial.

The only other place that is in more pain than Stockholm? Karlstad, Sweden.

1 hour of sun.


5 thoughts on “Pilgrim Tweet: No sun for Stockholm

  1. Wow…I’ve been following your move to Sweden with more than a little twinge of jealousy, but I honestly don’t know how I would deal with the lack of sun. How DO you deal with it? I get antsy enough being stuck in my office during the shortened daylight hours in Philly and I have a window!

  2. As much as the constant heat is wearing on me after almost three years of sweating and steaming in Bangkok, I have to say given a choice of this weather or your grey days, I’d have to go with Bangkok.

  3. It must be love! Only that could keep life energizing for you. What do the Swedes do to assuage the effects of no sun? Russian vodkaholics are noteworthy, how do the Swedes cope? Wishing you a better forecast in the future.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on the beautiful apartment! I’m so happy for you guys! Can’t wait to see the pics once it’s redecorated. They do have furniture stores there besides Ikea, don’t they? If not, God help you.

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