Are five showers too much in one day?

Today is officially the hottest day of the year in Thailand, with the sun directly over the country. It does beg the question though _ where the hell has it been before this?!

I know you all think you know what hot is. Americans get some scorchers; South Americans sweat it out when the mercury rises; South Pacific nations are accustomed to sweltering temperatures; and the Middle East sets records with its suffocating desert heat. But none of you have ever felt heat like this.

(OK, admittedly I haven’t actually traveled to the requisite number of countries to actually make this comparison, but I’m the one writing this post so let’s just call me the expert for the next 200 words or so. Then you can go grumble about your pitted out shirts and perpetual sweat mustache all you want.)

Bangkok heat is blazing. It hangs in the air, making you feel as if you are perpetually standing inches away from an exhaust pipe. It causes your body to freak out at all hours and start seeping sweat like a like a fat man in a sauna. Clothes that are so thin and minimal they are approaching inappropriate aren’t enough to combat this heat. And it never goes anywhere without its fun friend, humidity.

But as the temperatures peak, we all look ahead to usher in a new season. A glorious season of streets flooded with fetid water, torrential downpours that render tall buildings invisible and perilous stumbles down slippery stairs … say at the grocery store, in an unseasonable rainstorm, where you end up on the bottom stair with your dress around your waist, a wet butt, exploded balsamic salad dressing that stains a favorite frock and a crowd of onlookers. For example.

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