Pilgrim Tweets

After careful thought and consideration (can a random idea that occurs to you in a two-minute cab ride home be considered that?) I have decided to lovingly wrap my arms around the social networking revolution and start tweeting.

OK, I’m not totally embracing all things Twitter. I still don’t think I could muster the motivation nor cultivate an outside interest in my life that would be required to be a successful Twitterer. However, I’m going to start experimenting with “tweets” here on the blog as a way to write more frequently and to share the interesting little tidbits about life in Thailand that never seem substantial enough for a full blog post.

I am experimenting with names for these tweet posts but still can’t seem to come up with anything clever enough. The working title for now will be “Pilgrim Tweets.” Those names already rejected include: UPTweets, Urban Tweets, Pilgreets and Pweets (which to me sounds just sounds like gas). So suggestions are welcome!

Now with the introduction out of the way, a tweet for you (get it?!):

During the cab ride home from work tonight, I was absentmindedly listening to the radio and trying to ignore the pleadings of some high-pitched Thai voice on an advertisement and found myself singing along in my head. “Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la laaaaa whoa.” Christmas music? In a Thai advertisement? In April? If the actual holiday season wasn’t enough to convince me, this has put me over the edge. Thai people don’t understand Christmas. At all. Maybe they didn’t know it was a Christmas song. Maybe they just need a translator. Or maybe they thought “Don we now our gay apparel” would help them sell a few more tight t-shirts and rainbow shorts.

2 thoughts on “Pilgrim Tweets

  1. Thai people don’t understand Christmas. What a stupid statement. Thai are Buddhist, why do we have to understand your religious holidays? It just a piece of music to use in a background. What the big deal?

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