Hallmark would be so proud

For a Buddhist country, this place sure does love its Christian holidays. Not that Valentine’s is a devoutly religious day _ though it was named after a Christian saint.

Valentine's Day flower stalls on Rama 4 Road

Valentine's Day flower stalls on Rama 4 Road

First it was Christmas, that was celebrated with a fervor that would put Martha Stewart to shame, and now Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday that is cynically referred to in the U.S. as a Hallmark holiday; one in which millions of men are essentially guilted into purchasing a variety of love-themed items to show the object of their affection just how much they care. Women are also party to this obligation, though to a much lesser extent. And Bangkok, apparently, is no exception.

Flowers on Silom Road

Flowers on Silom Road

Women walked around hand-in-hand with boyfriends carrying large displays of flowers. Men stopped to admire the bouquets and cluelessly pick one out for their girl (or boy as it very well could have been). But it didn’t stop there; heart-shaped balloons, candies and various other (plastic/cheap) trinkets lined the streets.

V-Day goodies on Silom Road

V-Day goodies on Silom Road

For an American living so far from home, it is comforting to see signs of a yearly event I’m used to. But if I had my pick, I’d rather have President’s Day or something. Then at least I could buy stuff on sale and sleep in on a Monday.

One thought on “Hallmark would be so proud

  1. Can’t believe that Valentine’s Day has gone to Bangkok! What is our world coming to? Loved the pictures and your observations. I’m still trying to find a good Thai meal!

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