Sunshine, fruity drinks and monkey bites

If there is a heaven, I hope it is Ko Phi Phi. It has everything one could desire in the afterlife: white sandy beaches; clear turquoise waters; sunshine; decent food; a funny name (pronounced Ko Pee-Pee); and a healthy contingent of handsome young men (sorry boys, I wasn’t looking at the ladies).

This idyllic island in the Andaman Sea is one of Thailand’s most beautiful. As a result it is also quite a bit more expensive by Thai standards. But it’s stunning vistas are worth the price. A one-and-a-half hour ferry ride from the mainland with tanned and dread-locked backpackers drops you off in the middle of the main town on this road-less island. It bustles with dive shops and cheap Thai kitsch at every turn (from which we purchased several “Heeeeey, I’m on vacaaaaation” dresses), and the narrow walk swarms with tourists of all nationalities.

We called a private bungalow home for a few days, which had a view of the clear water and limestone cliffs that Krabi Province is so famous for. It was another amazing sight in a two-and-a-half week trip of amazing sights so far for my mom and sister Tory. I think their mouths were agape throughout our five days there, partly because of the views, but also due to the good food, fantastic weather and nap-inducing massages.

All of these islands offer many different tour packages to see its most famous sites. Though we were up for cliff diving and shark swimming, we opted out after Tory mysteriously began gushing blood out of her big toe (not surprising if you know Tory). We thought it wise to protect her from becoming shark chum _ even though it occurred to me that it would solve her attitude  in the morning. We opted instead for a bit of snorkeling, a tour of Maya Bay _ the setting for the Leonardo DiCaprio film “The Beach” _ and a stop on Monkey Beach.

Incidentally, monkeys aren’t all that friendly. Sure they’re cute and can drink from soda cans but those bastards bite. First you give them a little food, then you let the little guy get close to you, and just when you think he’s going to gently put a hand on your leg, he wraps his arm around it and *BAM.* That little fu$&er bites you.

Despite my wounds, I have nothing but good things to say about the island. The idyllic surroundings are a welcome respite from any city and it’s close proximity to Bangkok (a one hour flight to Krabi) make it a relatively easy trip. Now if it weren’t for the fact that my travel partners set the bar so high, I would be going back soon.

Music by Junior Byles.

(By the way, I am well aware that Jamaican reggae is not the preferred music of the Thai islands. Call me selfish, but I’m just not a big fan of Thai singing.)


3 thoughts on “Sunshine, fruity drinks and monkey bites

  1. Oh, yes. Watch out for the monkeys. We encountered them in Africa, and they are mean sons of b’s. They even knew how to pick the lock on our trunk so when we came back from the beach, they had our lunch up high in the trees with them! And when we tried to get it back, they attacked!!

    Love your blog. Keep it up! That States miss you.

  2. the most perfect beach in Thailand – except did you feel it’s spooky on the far beach at night when you remember the tsunami? I lived in bangkok for about 9 years and i miss it so much 😦
    reading other people’s adventures is the next best thing !

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