Home sweet home

A death-defying dash across a six-lane highway. A leisurely stroll through the only lush and green enclave in Bangkok, Lumpini Park. A curious pass by almost a dozen prostitutes propositioning men driving down Ratchadamri Road. A walk past a street food market from which the smells of chili and fish sauce fill my nose. A zigzagged trip through the throngs of drunken Thai revelers that have spilled out of the bars, one of which is the best jazz club in Bangkok, Brown Sugar. A quick left past the motorcycle taxi drivers that know my destinations without asking. A friendly nod to the “convenience store” guy, who sells chips and sodas out of the back of his truck. And I’m home.

At one hour or another this is what encompasses a typical 15-minute walk home from work. It is relaxed and leisurely, especially now that cool season has brought with it crisp, cool air.  The wholly unique sights and smells are a friendly, though sometimes piquant, reminder that Bangkok is my new home. And after six months it is finally starting to feel that way.

So in light of the many requests I have gotten to see my neighborhood and apartment, here you go.

Music by The Shins and Bright Eyes.

7 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. Nice digs.

    Did you miss your couch so much that you bought the same one? It is a nice couch.

    Looks good Lindsay. Glad that you updated!

  2. It all looks so familiar and I miss it already. I’ll replay this video time and again. Let’s think next year’s trip. I can’t find any decent Thai food anywhere – even zagat rated. Loved our time together, loved Bangkok and Thailand.

  3. This is fantastic- I love your blog. I am going to Bangkok for work for 4 months in 2 weeks- just found out, very random spur of the moment and I’m super nervous! I am currently living in New York City. Your blog is helping to calm my nerves!

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