Dreaming of a white Christmas…

Did you know that Buddhists love Christmas? Neither did I. Well, it’s either that or they are shamelessly kissing up to the tourists. I can’t figure out which.

The Christmas decorations that festoon this palm tree jungle line every road, shopping mall and public square. The sheer number of neon Santas and fluorescent reindeer I have seen throughout the city put the holiday spirit of some U.S. cities to shame. That being said, I don’t think they get it. It’s almost as if the people of Bangkok banded together and raided a few Walmarts, snagging the most tacky light displays they could find.

“I’ve got the fat Santa with twinkle lights!”

“I grabbed the neon snowman that plays ‘Let it Snow!’ And I picked up all the Santa hats with Mickey Mouse ears I could find.”

“Good work. Just grab the blue light-up Star of David and we can wrap this up.”

Even the department stores and local grocers play Christmas music. It’s a holiday lover’s paradise here. Except that it feels like July.

Though I won’t be going home for Christmas this year _ the one year that seems to promise a fresh snowfall _ I will be here celebrating the holiday with friends. A Christmas dinner, some eggnog and a night of karaoke (not sure how this ties into it but I’m keeping an open mind) are all in store for the big day.

I hope you all find yourselves in the warm company of family and friends, and that your holiday is filled with much happiness and love.

Music by Dean Martin.


One thought on “Dreaming of a white Christmas…

  1. Howdy, Pilgrim!

    Oh, karaoke is an integral part of all Christmas festivities. Didn’t you get the memo? Sing “Wang Chung Tonight” in my honor, will you?

    Merry Christmas,


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