Flying high above it all…

Flying high above the rice fields of Thailand on my way to Kuala Lumpur, I put my music on, tilted my head to watch the velutinous clouds pass my window and let my mind wander…

Music by Ray LaMontagne.

2 thoughts on “Flying high above it all…

  1. Is there a job of movie soundtrack maker? If there is, you should apply.

    Whenever I hear this song, the lyric “Cocaine flame in my bloodstream” makes me think of all these romantic visions of what a coke habit might be like. But then I remember I have seen “Trainspotting” – even though thats heroine right? – and realize it likely involves terrible headaches and shitting the bed.

    I would rather just listen to songs about it…

    And have you heard his new album? The first single is real good.

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