In 30 minutes or less…

I’ve wasted over three months in Bangkok fretting over dinner choices, running out at the last minute to grab some chicken green curry, or making due with scraps from the fridge. I knew that some restaurants, like so many at home, had to deliver. But unlike NYC, no one in Bangkok magically litters your front door with menus. It was only sheer desperation on a Friday night with a friend over, a torrential downpour outside and nothing in the house that forced me to Google “food delivery in Bangkok.” I never dreamed those four words would change my life.

The first entry pops up. I click. And it’s like opening up the door to the secret world of Narnia.

Food by Phone is a Web site where you can order food online from over 60 different restaurants, confirm your order within minutes and pay only a 60 baht delivery charge ($1.72). Not only that but you can order beer, wine, flowers, cigarettes, spirits and DVDs. You can even order shoe polish and razors. A similar service is offered in NYC, but it doesn’t offer proper meals.

Another delivery service that, surprisingly, isn’t offered in the States is Burger King. That’s right, you can order heart attack-inducing junk, and in case you wanted to cut out the exercise portion of actually getting the food, a man on a motorcycle delivers the burger and fries to your place.

I know that my rousing endorsement sounds a lot like selling out. But that’s just fine with me. If I can get online and order Indian food, a couple of beers, post-it notes and some deodorant, then I am a happy Bangkok resident. Nothing beats one-stop shopping; get your food and run your errands. Done and done.


3 thoughts on “In 30 minutes or less…

  1. Love it!
    I was in Cairo in April staying with a friend, and Cairo also has one of those sites where you can order anything, at any time of day or night, for absolutely zero delivery fee. He uses it all the time and even went so far as to order a .70 cent stick of gum to see if they would deliver it… and they did! And we thought the West was built on convenience…

  2. is cheaper than Food by Phone as they don’t charge as much… (they even have the differences on their site by each restaurant).

    I love… too much!

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