Service… with a pit stop

After weeks of excitement, planning and counting the days, I arrived in Malaysia for the start of a 10 day trip that includes Kuala Lumpur, the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and Singapore.

Today was not supposed to include much excitement; go to work, fly to Kuala Lumpur, go to bed. But traveling to a new country inevitably includes hurdles you don’t expect. The routine is simple: arrive at airport, get in taxi, sit back, stop for gas. Wait, what?!

After a few miles on the highway, the taxi driver _ who seemed to have trouble focusing, was missing a few teeth and couldn’t get the car above 50 _ started to slow down. Being the untrusting New Yorker that I am, visions of me being hog-tied, stabbed and left for dead in some remote Malaysian overgrowth rushed through my head. Instead, the driver pulled into a gas station to fill up. It took me a good 20 minutes to wipe the incredulous look off of my face (complete with open-mouth, squinty eyes and raised eyebrows).

Thankfully he found his glasses that had somehow ended up near the pedals before getting back on the road. I then happened to notice that the gas gauge still said it had a quarter of a tank left. That the driver was “feeling it out” didn’t instill much confidence. Neither did his jerking of the steering wheel reminiscent of someone dozing off or his preference for the middle of the two-lane highway.

My knuckles have since regained their healthy pink and waiting for me on the other end of the trip was a lavish hotel suite with incredible views of the Petronas Twin Towers. Altogether a perfect place to recover from carsickness. And the room service doesn’t hurt either.

Sunset view from the airplane window

Sunset view from the airplane window

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