Wat about faith in Bangkok?

Daily displays of faith in Bangkok are routine. From offerings given at spirit houses, to monks waiting for a bus, to even letting someone grab the cab you were eyeing all for the sake of the Buddhist concept of merit-making, Thais are devout.

Visiting a Thai temple, or wat, is a must in this predominantly Buddhist country. There are hundreds to chose from throughout the city and they are easy to spot; the elegantly adorned facades glint in the sun and its gold, pointed spires punch up towards the sky. Most of these structures look the same, but the subtle differences in color and decor render each structure unique.

Monks in construction-orange robes meander around the temple and have separate quarters on the grounds where they reside and study. Technically a Buddhist temple cannot be called a ‘wat’ unless at least three monks live on the premises.

Pictures alone don’t do justice to the intricacies in the color, texture and design of these wats, so I’m taking you inside to see just how the Thais praise Buddha and give you a taste of faith on the flip side.

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. I was laid low with a cold but am now fully recovered.


2 thoughts on “Wat about faith in Bangkok?

  1. Very, very cool to see a Thai Temple!
    Almost as cool as getting to see you, Lindsay!! We had a great visit with Tory last weekend, and had a chance to catch up. You both seem like incredible young women. We have some photos we’d like to share with you. We’re send ing them to Tory, and we hope she can get them to you. We love reading about your experiences in Thailand.
    Love, Ed and Beth, Katie, Ted, and Zack Holmwood

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