Weird Thai fruit, part deux

Wikipedia says the red part is the rind and the white, mushy middle is the edible bit. The white fruit is quite delicious; it has a tangy, citrus taste and is very refreshing. So if you find yourself asking if you should eat the red part, the answer is a very distinct no. Unless you want the inside of your mouth to feel like you’ve licked pavement.

Music by RJD2.

5 thoughts on “Weird Thai fruit, part deux

  1. Mangosteen is a broad spectrum fruit with great nutritional benefit. Loved the video and your honest portrayal of what parts not to eat. I’ll keep that in mind if I find it in my US grocery store. I’m still trying to master pomegranates. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. hi there. still enjoying your website and adventures. on mangosteens — link your fingers, hold mangosteen in your palms, tilt wrists so palms face up, squeeze mangosteen gently but firmly, and it will crack in half. bite out (or use little spoon to scoop) the yummy fruit. my singaporean aunt taught me this wonderful insider’s method. beware: the rind stains forever.

  3. Hey Lindsay! I wanted to tell you that I’ve been keeping up with your blog. It’s so entertaining (I’m also living vicariously through you lol). Thailand looks amazing. Anyway, just wanted to say that not only are you a great writer, but you’ve also got the on-camera thing down! Barbara Walters, look out… haha. =) Hope you’re having a great time over there.

  4. Your facial expression was priceless.

    Well done, Lindsay Holmwood. You make me want to move to another country so I can try crazy new things.

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