Learning the hard way…

Apparently, ignorance and forgetfulness will get your electricity cut off. After receiving a half slip of paper in my mailbox that was entirely in Thai and thus not decipherable, I stuck it in my bookcase and promptly forgot about it. A frantic call from my landlord saying my electricity would be cut off if I didn’t pay by 5 pm totally perplexed me. I insisted I hadn’t received a bill. He got more anxious. I remembered that little piece of paper. He started breathing again. Turns out, if you forget this sort of thing, you can take the elevator to the second floor in your pajamas and have your landlord messenger the money over for about two bucks. Have I mentioned how much I love Thailand?

On another note, after being warned about the dangers of riding a motorcycle taxi and promptly dismissing them, I sustained my first injury. Thankfully it didn’t necessitate a helmet; I singed my leg on the muffler.

Now what you’re about to see isn’t pretty. I can’t shave my legs where the burn is.

Gross I know, but I wanted you to have the full experience.

A tip: Don’t eat for about 30 minutes.

3 thoughts on “Learning the hard way…

  1. Hey there! This is Sarah’s friend Maggie, we met in NYC for dinner before Sarah and I left on our cruise! Your blog is great! Hang in there, you are living the life and having the adventures that most of us only can dream of! Hang in there and let me know if you need me to send you some Skippy peanut butter!


  2. I definitely could have done without seeing the burn on your leg. Yuck! About time to get your own helmet? You are truly addicted to this form of travel, I can tell.

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