Plan B

I arrive at the airport to find that my flight has been canceled. I re-book for the next day, only to get a text message saying that flight has been canceled too. So what do you do when your weekend away has been thwarted by angry machete-wielding protesters? You call a man about a car.

With our beach getaway suspended, we scrambled to find an alternative. What we found was an island paradise just a 2 1/2 hour car-ride from Bangkok. Koh Samet is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand that politely boasts with its white sandy beaches and jade waters. And it’s inviting in a way that appeals to backpackers and 20-something journalists; it’s beautiful and cheap.

On another note, the political situation here has deteriorated and today the prime minister called for a state of emergency in Bangkok. There is no curfew to observe and the protesting is confined to the government offices. It merely means that the army has taken control of the situation and that they will be monitoring public gatherings and media coverage to ensure it doesn’t threaten public security. Meanwhile the protesters say they will continue to occupy the grounds of the prime minister’s office until he is ousted from power. But rumors of a coup have subsided for the time being, with the army insisting it will not overthrow the government.

Not to worry though; all of the action is in another part of town and life in my neighborhood continues uninterupted. The golf-club toting demonstrators won’t venture this way, unless they give up and decide to hit the links at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club.

Music by Feist.

4 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. WOW…is it too early to ask if your baby sister can come for a visit? May I just say – you are incredible. What you have done with this blog is mindbloggling (haha, get it – stupid joke). You are fantastic and I miss you every minute. I can’t wait to see what else you are going to get in to…….so proud of you!!

  2. Your plan B looks SAWEEET! Way to punt!

    I’m glad you still feel safe in town, but do continue to post on the current situation, please. Coup attempts, in my experience, rarely end well. True?

  3. “monitoring public gatherings and media coverage to ensure it doesn’t threaten public security.”

    How does this affect the AP, if at all? Do you have government officials that come to your office? How do you guys deal with that?

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