6 thoughts on “Bring on the hairy fruit … I think

  1. Impressive!!! I have no idea how you make these things!!! But thanks for another entry! Good way to kick off the holiday weekend!

  2. Love your intrepid nature and courage to try something that looks that intimidating. Great things can come in odd packages. Good luck with further experimentation. Do you have health insurance?

  3. Hey Pilgrim,

    Nice post. Let me follow up on Sarah’s comment. This is a geeky question but how are you making the videos? The motorcycle video was awsome! What camera and what software are you using?

    Good luck and be careful with the “Thai Rebellion”.


  4. I don’t believe it…my sister ladies and gentlemen – the woman who grew up eating only the basics (nothing that could be considered in the fruit or vegetable family – with a special affinity for her little sister’s ENTIRE 2nd birthday cake) and now the hairy fruit. As I live and breathe I don’t believe it. Thailand has definately made an impact on you. Can’t wait to see the next installment my love……

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