Do they have support groups for this?

I have an addiction.

It works quickly, it makes you feel a little dirty afterwards and it’s a total rush. No it’s not drugs or alcohol.

It’s the motorcycle taxi.

Despite its debatable safety, the motorcycle taxi is the best idea since the screw cap on a wine bottle. Men in pink, purple and orange vests stand ready at every corner to take you anywhere. Bangkok’s horrendous traffic conditions make this mode of transport the easy choice. You hop on, they weave in and out of backed up cars at every light to get to the front and when the light changes, you’re off like a shot. No waiting as the meter ticks up, no tapping your foot anxiously as you see that you’re now late. This ride is quick and exhilarating.

So strap on your helmet, pray you don’t get lice and off we go.

Music by Marc Streitenfeld and The Darkness.


9 thoughts on “Do they have support groups for this?

  1. Wow! Not sure I could handle that ride, but it looks like almost a a necessity in that traffic. Any chance you would wear long pants and a leather jacket while seeking such a thrill?

  2. Next month I am off to live in Hua Hin for a while, it might be an alternative transport as long as they don’t have up to four passengers and a couple of chickens like in Viet Nam.Love the video.

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