It’s all Thai to me

It is to be expected that when you move to a new country there will be certain challenges. A particularly frustrating one for me was the purchase of laundry detergent. A whole wall is devoted to the 50 different brands they sell and all of the packaging is in Thai. The one I picked up seemed like a safe bet, despite my inability to read a word of it.

Thai laundry detergent

Thai laundry detergent

The instructions that would have proved very helpful would have read “this is concentrated laundry detergent” and “use one cap-full.” Instead I used my experiences in the U.S. as a reference and put in quite a bit more.

Oh s*#t

Oh s*#t

Live it. Learn it.


2 thoughts on “It’s all Thai to me

  1. Hah! What a pain for you!

    What I do is get the detergent that looks exactly like the western brand, only in Thai.

    Knock on wood… it does the trick!

    It took awhile, but I figured out the milks.

    dark blue = regular milk

    light blue = low fat milk

    But sometimes light blue can be lassie… which is impossible in coffee.

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