The King, the Colonal and Ronald

It was a pretty safe bet to assume that McDonald’s would have made a splash in Thailand since few international cities have been able to avoid importing the worst of American cuisine. Well Bangkok is no exception.

At least they have managed to put their own unique twist on the chain’s iconic figure…

Ronald McDonaldahitthirook

Ronald McDonald-ahitthirook

I wish I could tell you that Thailand stopped at McDonald’s and though it might be an infrequent indulgence, the city’s inhabitants typically enjoy authentic Thai food. But unfortunately Bangkok has imported every fast-food chain that usually peppers the strip malls of middle America.

Thai people have not only embraced our greasy, heart-stopping junk, but in many places seem to have more U.S. outposts per capita than any other city in the States. Though you find some Western visitors noshing on a burger and fries, Thais make up the majority of patrons.

Even with the prevalence of U.S. chains there is one import that rules the city like no other.


This U.S. suburban mini-mart has not only gained the type of prevalence of the Duane Reade chain in New York City (two on every corner), it has become a staple of Thai life.

Need a Coke? Seven-11.

Need a quick snack? Seven-11.

Need to pay your electric, phone, cable and internet bills? Seven-11.

No really.

In a country where you can transfer your rent money into your landlord’s savings account, it seems only natural that paying your utility bills would be just as simple. Any volunteers in New York want to get Con Edison to agree to this scheme before I get back?


One thought on “The King, the Colonal and Ronald

  1. You might be disgusted by all those crazy fast food joints now, but believe me, they do wonders for homesickness when nothing else satisfies like two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun.

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