The public transportation buffet

Taking the BTS Sky Train to Chinatown this weekend, 20 baht (60 cents). Taking a cab to work this morning, 40 baht ($1.20). Never having to decipher service changes on the NYC subway, priceless.

For a city with countless side streets, dead-ends and one-ways, Bangkok has so many transportation options, none of which costs more than a cup of coffee. I’ve always been partial to the cab ride myself. I love watching the city whiz by in air conditioned comfort. That and I always get a seat.

I’ve taken my fair share of cabs in New York, but I’ve never had a cabbie that, we’ll just say, was a few crayons short of a full box. His singing my street name, the sound effects he made when going around a big turn and finally his subtle hint to ‘tip, tip’ him at the end were definitely new for me. I wonder if this is normal for Thai cab drivers. The one I had this morning was completely silent so it’s 1-1. Thankfully I am committed to more thorough research.

If you’re like me, it’s not enough to see pictures or hear descriptions of a place, you want to see it first-hand. Well here is a trip from my apartment to the last stop on the Sky Train by the Chao Phraya river. A bumpy one.

Music by Coldplay.

2 thoughts on “The public transportation buffet

  1. AAaaaahh! That was so cool! I’m really glad you posted this. I’ll do one for you sometime, just so you don’t forget what a brooklyn to Manhattan monday morning commute looks like. Will be sure to get close ups of the sweat that drips from my fellow commuters’ faces, the panhandlers, the pregnant woman standing while one guy with headphones takes up three seats.

    Miss you — keep the updates coming!

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