Welcome to the monsoon

Ohh so THIS is what you mean by monsoon season. See I thought you meant… Nevermind.

Seattle residents, zip it. Londoners pipe down. New Yorkers, strap on your galoshes and stop whining about gusty winds off the Hudson. You have no idea what rain is.

In Bangkok, the term ‘rainy season’ is alarmingly insufficient. They should call it ‘umbrella, shumbella, leave it at home and step in that six inch puddle in your flip flops and kick up god-knows-what kind of gunk on your clothes season.’ Or perhaps ‘get in your swim gear and hope for the best season.’

The past few nights I’ve watched the skies darken and pour for about 30 minutes from the comfort of my apartment. I would think, ‘well that’s not so bad, a little shower every night is nothing. Rainy season. Ha.’


Starting the night...

Starting the night...

Tonight, however, I went out with work friends and was caught in a five-hour torrential downpour that flooded our section of Sukhumvit. I should have expected this. Southeast Asia tends tends to get a bit of rain and as Bangkok is in a low-lying area, flooding can be common this time of year.

Well I got the message. Next time they forecast rain, I am suiting up in a half-dozen Hefty bags. That should do the trick.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the monsoon

  1. What rainy season ?
    The rains are late this year – hardly a damping of the dust so far.
    You’ll know when it really rains here
    Keep Dry

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